APC 700 UPS with PowerChute software/Setup


1)      Connect PC power supply to the UPS (rear, left hand side) MASTER AC POWER (top outlet)

2)      Connect the Data to USB cord (provided with Back-UPS) to the UPS (Data Port) and the USB side of cable to your PC

3)      IMPORTANT – Be sure to connect the Battery inside of the actual unit. (access to battery located on the bottom of unit)

4)      Connect the UPS power supply to a standard 120v electrical outlet.




This process will require the provided PowerChute – Software for safe system shutdown with power & energy management Media. (provided as CD with each UPS, ACC has supplied a copy of media on USB removable drive)


1)      Connect PowerChute installation media to PC

2)      Run the PCPEInstaller.exe Application

a)       On Welcome screen click Next

b)      On End User License Agreement enable I Agree box, click Next

c)       On Destination accept defaults and click Next

d)      On Ready to Install, click Install

3)      Upon completion of the installation there will be 2 Pop-Ups

a)       Data Collection screen – enable Desired features click OK

b)      Register Your Product – verify Register Online is enabled, click Complete

i)        This will open a web browser with APC product registration.

4)      Open the newly installed PowerChute Personal Edition application

5)      Under Monitor System section select Run Self-Test

a)       Click Run Self-Test

i)        Ensure Test Result is - Passed

6)       Under Configuration section select RunTime

a)       Enable the option – Preserve Battery Power

i)        Set time to Maximum 5 Minutes

(1)    Click APPLY to save changes


-          Now in the event of power failure your PC will run on UPS battery supply for 5 minutes. Then you will get a notification from PowerChute stating your PC will be turned off in Approx. 10 seconds.

-          PC will shutdown

-          After PC shuts down the UPS goes into STANDBY mode





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